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    FL - Pregnant Woman Stabbed Over 30 Times, Arrest


    Thank God both her and the unborn child are in stable condition.

    Her uncle-in-law, Samuel Ray Cone ll, was taken into custody and charged with attempted second-degree murder. All this over a dispute over a relative's estate.

    The perp.

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    So glad they both lived and hope they can recover with no problems for the baby..

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    Wtf, !
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    A transcript of the 911 call, released by WCJB, is below:

    Dispatcher: "911 what is the emergency?"

    Caller: "Help me!"

    Dispatcher: "Ma'am you need medical?"

    Caller: "Yes I have been stabbed."

    Dispatcher: "How old are you?"

    Caller: "Forty. I'm pregnant."

    Dispatcher: "What were you stabbed with?"

    Caller: "A steak knife over 25 times."


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