Police arrested two men accused of punching a police dog and a police horse in unrelated incidents.
Two guys broke into Compass Realty and it went crazy from there..

When officers arrived at Compass Realty, they found a broken window and bloody hand prints on it.

Once inside, police released an K-9 officer and followed him upstairs to find "Adams, wearing only shoes and socks, punching K-9 Cyress in the head."
About 3:45 p.m. on Smathers Beach, police say Kapiris approached an officer riding a police horse and punched it in the neck. He was arrested.
"He (Adams) stated he knew he was in trouble for breaking into the building but was unsure why he did it," read the police report. "Adams stated he had issues with sleep walking and that he often woke up in strange places after drinking
If you ever need a reason to quite drinking, here it is.