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    Fairway sinkhole swallows golfer at Waterloo course


    WATERLOO • It sure wasn’t the hole-in-one Mark Mihal had in mind.

    While golfing with friends at the Annbriar Golf Course near here Friday, Mihal, 43, a mortgage broker from Creve Coeur, abruptly dropped into the ground on the fairway of the 14th hole. It was the first time a person — and not a ball — has disappeared beneath the turf in the course’s 20-year history.

    It also was the first time in the memory of folks who study sinkholes in Illinois that a person has fallen into one.

    More at link with video....

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    Thank goodness he lived. There's a pic of Erin Brokavich to the left of the article and a story about homes endangered by sinkholes.

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