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    OR - Charles Weber, 25, killed in machete attack, Portland, 9 March 2013

    This case has been on my mind a lot because I used to live around that neighborhood...it's very disturbing and as they arrested the suspects today, took another turn for the weird:


    The suspects: Mahmoud Moustafa, 20; Hussein Ali Haidar, 21; and Omar Ibrahim, 21, were arrested Tuesday and are accused of killing Charles Anthony Weber, police said.

    Weber was found dead of blunt force trauma to the head last Saturday at his girlfriend's apartment in the 2200 block of Southwest Dolph Court. Police described the murder as "unusually violent," but have not release more details on what led to it.
    There seem to be few clues in any of the coverage as to what this could be about. The girlfriend apparently wasn't home, but he was there anyways. And three guys brutally attacking one victim? The initial reports said nothing about robbery or such as a motive. This seems like it was personal, somehow.

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    According to your link, the perps are charged with both murder and robbery. Why would they beat someone so violently just to steal something? I wonder if this is gang or drugs related?

    Hope they lock these guys up for a really long time.

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    A fourth suspect has been arrested now:


    Clifton Albert Carey, 20, was arrested Thursday afternoon in Enumclaw, Wash. by U.S. Marshals on a warrant for aggravated murder, murder, first-degree burglary and first-degree robbery, according to Portland Police. He is being held in King County Jail pending extradition to Oregon.
    The headline calls it a "machete attack" now, but the cause of death is blunt force trauma. This is the first mention I have seen of a machete. How horrific, either way.

    A lot of commenters on the news articles are speculating it had to do with drugs, but this seems like it must have been planned and plotted, do drug deals gone bad usually involve premeditation?

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