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    PA - 10 Year Old Saves Grandmom And Father But There's A Crime

    We hear stories of kids calling 911 and saving parents and grandparents, and all is well with the world. Not for 10 year old Damian.

    His gram Ginger Faye Foust wants to tell the truth. Uhhhhhh, O.K. She says she used to be a crack addict for many years, and was clean for 14 months until her son Chad Kiser brought heroin into her home. In a brilliant move she decides to pick up a heroin habitt.

    In the bathroom the son OD's and she tries to revive him and then she's out and the poor child is trying to get her to get up and the two adults in his life have now OD'd on heroin. He called 911.

    Child endangerment charges and drug charges and the poor kid gets shipped to child services.


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    Best thing that could have happened. IMO.

    With a bit of luck he'll now get some experience of how it is to live in a home where HE is the one who is looked after. And you know, no crack or heroin...or terrifying OD's.

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    unfortunately.....this had to happen. Clearly he wasn't in a safe environment. I so hope he gets good counseling to help him.

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