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    Need sleuthing help to get more info about a death

    Normally I can find just about anything online, but I can't right now and I really need to!

    I found out with a quick Google search yesterday that my daughter's bio dad is dead. I found a partial obituary with only his full name and date of birth and death. When you click on it to the funeral home site that hosts it, it indicates that the family is keeping the obituary private.

    Long story, but I need to find *some* kind of info myself. My daughter was adopted by my current husband, so she doesn't have any legal right to information, even when she's turning 18 this July because she's not "family".

    You can see why I would like to get the information on my own. I have to tell her about this at some point and although I can only share what I know and that's fair enough, I am wanting to get as many answers for her as I can. It's emotional for me as she's never understood how he could sign away his parental rights and although I've always just said we just couldn't work it out (ultimately the truth), in the back of my mind, I was fully expecting her to ask him these questions herself of her own adult volition. Now she can't.

    I can PM name, dates details to anyone who knows specifically how to and wants to actively help, but I can tell you that it's San Diego County, CA and the death was Dec 2012. We're living across the country on the east coast now.

    We no longer have mutual friends.

    Thanks in advance!
    I'm just sayin...

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    San Diego County Death Certificate request ---google that phrase and order a informational death certificate, NOT a certified one. There is a form on the page you can print out.

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    Good luck finding the info you are looking for.

    I am looking for info on my adopted son's Bio-Dad, too. I just looked him up a month or so ago and found he will be dead for 10 years in July. I too found the obit but it was closed so I couldn't read it. I did look up his name and I found the day he died and looked up in archives of the newspaper I knew it would be in and since I had the day he died I was able to type it into the newspaper and get his obit from that date. Don't know if you know the exact day he died but even if you don't you can check local papers and look through each day of Dec. 2012.

    Again, good luck with your search.

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