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    FL: Small Plane Crash in Ft. Lauderdale

    This just happened. While its not my neighborhood - its close to me. Close enough that my DD called me right after it happened, she was caught in the traffic and could see the smoke. Its a miracle no one on the ground was hurt. 3 in the plane - no survivors.

    Here's the coverage:

    Plane crashes near Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
    Fort Lauderdale mayor: 3 bodies recovered after crash
    Published On: Mar 15 2013 04:32:42 PM EDT Updated On: Mar 15 2013 06:04:15 PM EDT


    you can also get coverage from www.wvsn.com

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    The link has been updated:

    "The only silver lining out of this thing is we didn't lose any lives on the ground," said Seiler. "But three people perished. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family."

    The victims' names had not yet been released Saturday morning though family members have identified two passengers as father and son, Wallace and Kenneth Watson of Boca Raton.............

    Tracy Knowles, who owns R.J. Asset Recovery, said he was outside when the piper went down into his lot.

    "It just happened so fast. I heard the engines, turned around, and saw it come through the trees," he said.

    "How far away was the plane from you?" asked Local 10's Janine Stanwood.

    "Fifty feet," Knowles said.

    According to firefighters, seven repossessed cars and a boat that were in his lot were damaged by fire. Neither Knowles nor any of the other three employees was injured.......

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    Its sad. The father and son - the son was set to be married next week! The grief in that family today has to be horrible.

    Also, this was basically across the street from a huge BJ's wholesale club - big place with the automotive garage and gas station as well. If that plane would have gone down on that roof! It was just luck that it went down in this tow lot - surrounded by major roads and big, well populated stores.


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