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    PA: 8th Grader Makes Hit List Against 11 Students


    A New Castle eighth-grader is facing 11 charges of making terroristic threats after police said he drafted a hit list that included classmates and teachers.

    Officials said the hit list was found typed out on an electronic device.

    Police said the 13-year-old, who attends New Castle Junior/Senior High School, left the list on a desk. Another student saw it and reported it to a teacher.

    "Once the teacher in the class found out, the school administrators and resource officers investigated it and discovered there were nine students on the list and two teachers on the list," said New Castle police Chief Robert Salem.

    Salem said the boy was immediately removed from class and charged.

    Rhonda Lampel, whose son's name appeared on the list, said she's angered that it took the school five days to notify parents.

    "It scares me. It scares me to have my child in that school," Lampel said.

    School officials said they wanted to be certain things were under control before informing parents about the situation.

    The student is also facing disciplinary actions at the school.
    WTF did it take the school that long to notify parents!!? Shouldn't the police be the one's who make certain thing are under control?

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    Oh, O.K. your kids name is on a hit list and the school wants to make sure everything is under control before informing you.

    Calling BS on that one. More like covering their tails or trying to anyway.

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