A one year old fell from a second story window and police are filing with child services.

The baby apparently pushed on a screen and fell onto soil below. The baby was alert and crying. May little be O.K. with no serious injuries.

Posting this was important and the article states that 5,000 children a year fall out windows. Five Thousand.


Just yesterday a friend stopped by and was on my step and we chatted real quick. I look across the street and there's a baby on the first floor in the window dancing in only a diaper.The people use a sheet as a curtain and the baby was between it and the window. I freak and my friend turns around and runs across the street.

The baby was still up there and she didn't want to scare the kid by banging on the door too loud, but had to because nobody answered. Finally I guess it was the mom came to the door. She just walked away from the open door, grabbed the baby and came back and shut the door. My friend comes back across the street and said she was immediately going back in her own house and calling on that s*u*id b**ch's rear as that ain't the first time a kid was in that window.

What is going on? I was just in a panic and disbelief. My neighbor friend is a fierce champion of children so I know she'll get some action.