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    FL - Body, IED and guns found in UCF dorm


    A University of Central Florida dormitory was evacuated early Monday after the discovery of a body, guns and explosives inside a room, officials said.
    Officials later said the death was caused by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Students said the body was found in a 6th-floor room.

    “University police responded immediately when we received a fire alarm call and a subsequent 911 call,” UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said. “The safety of our students in Tower 1 and our entire campus community is our top priority.”

    The FBI and the Orange County Sheriff's Office continue to investigate the death and the discovery of at least two guns and improvised explosive devices.

    "A cop came by and said lock the doors and don't come out," a student said early Monday.

    A text/email alert was sent to students about two hours after the discovery, saying there was no threat to the campus community. Some students questioned why the alert was sent hours after the body was found.

    "Why do we get emergency alerts for suspicious packages, but not for Towers being evacuated due to an armed man/active crime scene?" a student tweeted.

    Just before 5 a.m., officials said they also found a handgun, an assault rifle and homemade explosive devices in the room.

    Students residing in Tower 1 were encouraged to go to the Student Union before being moved to the UCF Arena, which is located near Tower 1.

    School officials said students won't be allowed back into Tower 1 for several hours.

    UCF has closed the main campus for classes and normal operations until noon. All classes scheduled to start before noon have been canceled. Parking Garage G was closed during the incident but reopened around 8 a.m.

    UCF is the nation's second-largest university with nearly 60,000 students.
    I don't even want to think about what could have happened if the guy didn't kill himself.

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    "Arabo Babakhani, Seevakumaran’s roommate, slammed the bathroom door and called 911 when Seevakumaran pulled a gun on him early Monday morning. The gunman eventually killed himself, but authorities found an assault weapon and improvised explosive devices in his dorm room."

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    There is Good Grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

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    Remeber for every one plan found and foiled there are (? how many) others being planned to be acted upon..........................................

    This is scary. Every day we hear of a school here or there in lockdown due to threats of a "shooter".

    The one this morning turned out to be a hoax (in Minnesota). This is not a good path we are headed down. Wish we could turn around...........................


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    James Seevakumaran’s acquaintances speak out

    The UFC Tower I is not a dorm, but apartments.

    WFTV uncovers details about UCF plot suspect's past

    He grew up in a middle-class Pinella County neighborhood and went to Seminole High School on Florida’s Gulf coast.

    His parents, Glennis DuBose and Seeva Thiagarajah were both registered nurses.

    Channel 9 learned from court records there was a history of domestic violence in their home.

    Seevakumaran’s mother filed for injunctions against his father in 1994 and 1995. A few years later she filed for divorce.

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