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    CA - Dad accused of torturing children for misbehaving


    A Highland man with a criminal history of child abuse was arrested after his young children accused him of torturing them for misbehaving.
    San Bernardino County prosecutors have charged Antwone Rattler, 26, with four felony counts of child abuse and cruelty to a child resulting in possible injury or death.

    CPS needs to change their goal of 'reunification' in cases of child abuse/torture.

    JMO, so tired of children being abused and/or neglected and returned to the family of origin. Children DESERVE better.

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    These poor babies. The guy should have had any parental rights terminated right then and there. WTH!


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    From the OP link:

    He was ordered “not to use corporal punishment” on his children and work with social services on any reunion plan with them.

    There is no state policy regarding visitations or custody once a child is removed from an abusive parent, said Deanna Avey-Motikeit, director of San Bernardino County Children Services.

    Each case is tailored individually to the families and based on the severity of the abuse. Avey-Motikeit, who spoke generally and not directly about Rattler’s case, said Children Services always aims to reunite children with their family.[/
    Well, IMO, this policy and law needs to be changed right now. I have pointed out before that in Fl. where I worked, the state law directed DCF to concentrate on re-uniting families, sometimes to the detriment of the child.

    At the very least, with his previous record of abuse, they could have ordered supervised visits only. This was a bad order by the court to allow the man to have them in his home again with no conditions or supervision. IMO

    I hope he loses all rights to the children for good this time.

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    Texas CPS also has the primary goal of reunification with family of origin. It is BS, jmo.

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