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    Now we are 10: Minnesota couple adopts six siblings in one fell swoop!

    The kindest couple in America? Minnesota family of four becomes
    ten overnight after husband and wife adopt SIX siblings at once
    (Daily Mail)
    A Minnesota family of four has become a family of 10 overnight after a selfless couple decided to adopt six homeless siblings in one go.

    Jennifer and Nathan Johnson, of Coon Rapids, adopted the four girls and two boys aged from 16 to three after being moved by their story online.

    Featured on the Minnesota Adoption Resource Network, the children were suddenly sent to foster care after their mother with developmental disabilities was unable to care for them and their father suffered a debilitating brain injury after falling down the stairs.

    The couple were looking to adopt one child not six but they couldn't get the picture of Danielle,16, Josephine,12, Hannah, 10, Sam, 7, Nathan, 5, and Gabby, 3, out of their minds, the Star Tribune reports.

    Jennifer Johnson, 37, explained: 'I looked at their picture and I said, ‘Who would want to take six kids?’. I showed it to my friends. I couldn’t stop thinking about them.'
    the rest of the story, with pictures of the big clan, at link above

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    What a lovely story! Bless them.
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    This one improved my mood instantly.

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    What a great thing to do...they have big hearts!

    So often siblings cannot be placed together and it's heartbreaking...

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    Wonderful people. But I can't help wondering if the kids get to see their birth parents once in while.

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