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    NH - School Sex Scandal Gets Worse


    I I dont know if anyone is following the Milton School sex Scandal ,the 15 year old girl and numerous male students.........like the whole varsity hockey team are in trouble/expelled because she was ,ahem!,providing favors,to groups at a time on school property(although she claims it was consensual the fact there were 4 or more boys there at a time,by law,makes it rape) ,WELLL..........turns out the 15 year old girl's father is a former teacher with a hostory of abuse/innapropriate behavior with girls!!!

    I thought from the get go that this girl came from some kind of abusive backround to allow herself to be degraded and now its apparently true.....sad.
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    What a horrible story. I hope this girl gets the help she needs.

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    A Globe review of court records in New Hampshire found that when the girl was about 11 years old, her father, a high school teacher, was forced to resign from a private school after he was accused of masturbating in front of female students. One student pressed charges, and the father was later acquitted of indecent exposure. He admitted, though, to fondling himself over his clothes in front of students.
    Four years earlier, when the girl was about 7, her 15-year-old brother had sexual relations with a 38-year-old male teacher who was ultimately convicted of felonious sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child and sent to prison, court records show.

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    OMG!! I thought I had heard it all. I stand corrected!!!! This family needs some serious help.

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    Nine months after the fondling accusation, the father was accused of improperly touching another female teenager at a different private school, a police report shows. No criminal charges were brought in that case. The father still teaches at that high school.

    How can this be??? He is STILL teaching!!!!

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    The story is just so strange that it seems like something in a bad novel. Wow, those poor kids. I think that there was probably abuse at home....both kids acting out sexually at such a young age is so sad. I to, hope they receive help and preferably a new home!

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