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    TN - Mom Charged for DUI with Seven Children in Car


    34-year-old Quindell Edgerton was arrested Thursday afternoon on Mud Island after a witness called police.

    An officer said Edgerton's speech was slurred and she smelled of alcohol. She claimed to have had "a couple of beers," but her blood-alcohol content measured more than twice the legal limit at 0.175.

    Police said five children in the back seat ranged in age from about 5-15. The ages of two others in the front seat weren't noted in the police report.

    Edgerton was jailed on charges of DUI, Child Endangerment and Public Intoxication. She has since been released on a $2,000 bond.

    ***so, think the $200 get out a jail card will stop her from doing it again?

    Check out her response to her actions on her FB


    thanks 4 tha love family.im great nw.i can truely say u cant believe everything u c on tha news, me and three other adults was on riverside w 7 kids 1 surb.& my car parked.they just got me cuz they was sitting in my car,but i wasnt driving.MPD *****es

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    so she wasn't going home? Just sitting in the car, all drunked up twice the legal limit, with all the kids loaded into the car as well, but nobody was going anywhere? They were just gonna stay like that, all seated in the car, at the riverside, til when?

    yeahhh. A quick perusal of this chicks FB page tells me all I really need to know.
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