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    William T Carneal WW II GI Remains found on Mariana Islands

    The remains of an American World War II soldier missing in action for nearly 70 years have reportedly been identified after they were found on the Pacific’s Northern Mariana Islands.

    The remains of an American World War II soldier missing in action for nearly 70 years have reportedly been identified after they were found on the Pacific’s Northern Mariana Islands.
    The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command confirmed to FoxNews.com that its team currently working in Saipan has received “possible human remains” and material evidence consistent with an unresolved case from World War II.
    “At this point, we cannot confirm the identity of these remains,” an email to FoxNews.com read. “Our next step is to get the remains and evidence back to JPAC’s Central Identification Laboratory at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, and conduct the appropriate forensic analyses.”
    The team is expected back this week, according to Jamie Dobson, JPAC’s chief of media operations.
    Physical anthropologist Shuichiro Narasaki from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Tokyo told the Marianas Variety that a group of Japanese volunteers and members of the CNMI Historic Preservation recovered remains of the solider along with Japanese remains at a burial site in Tanapag — a settlement in Taipan — and on private property in Gualo Rai in the Northern Mariana Islands.
    “We have identified the bones to belong to one William T. Carneal based on the information on the U.S. military dog tag found along with the bones, as well as high school ring and American coins,” Narasaki told the newspaper. “Carneal must have been around 18 or 19 when he was buried at the site over 68 years ago.”
    Carneal’s dog tag also referred to relatives in Kentucky as his immediate contact. Narasaki said the team also recovered another set of bones believed to belong to an American soldier, but the remains had yet to be identified. The ashes of the two Japanese soldiers, meanwhile, were to be flown to Japan on Tuesday, he said.
    It could take months before the findings can be verified, but if the bones happen to belong to a Japanese soldier, JPAC officials will return them to the Japanese government, Narasaki said.
    More than 83,000 Americans remain classified as missing from past conflicts, including the wars in the Pacific, according to JPAC officials. Its Central Identification Laboratory is the largest and most diverse forensic skeletal laboratory in the world, according to its website.
    Narasaki said an estimated 53,000 Japanese soldiers died in the Northern Mariana Islands during World War II. Of that number, the remains of 29,174 had been recovered since 1952.
    Attempts to reach Carneal’s relatives in Kentucky were unsuccessful. According to online records, Carneal was serving in the U.S. Army’s 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, when he died on July 7, 1944.
    Dobson, meanwhile, said a “strict protocol” is followed when analyzing and identifying fallen service members from previous wars.
    “Our biggest concern is that a family is not misled, for example, being told early in the investigation that their loved one has been recovered only to find out later that was not true,” Dobson wrote in an email to FoxNews.com.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/03/26...#ixzz2OfVEwahh

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    I found the Carneal family of Kentucky on Ancestry.com. I am 99.9% certain this is the right group. They weren't hard to find and I certainly hope they will be notified very soon of their brother/cousin/uncle's location.

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    Weird. My maiden name is Carneal. Strange seeing it as the title on a thread.

    I sent the article to my Dad on the off-chance it's a relative.

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    U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945 about William T Carneal
    Name: William T Carneal
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Religion: Protestant

    Disposition: Nonrecoverable

    Service Branch: Army
    Rank: Private First Class
    Service Number: 35109418


    World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas about Carneal
    Name: William T Carneal
    Inducted From: Kentucky
    Rank: Private First Class
    Combat Organization: 105th Infantry 27th Division
    Death Date: 7 Jul 1944
    Monument: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
    Last Known Status: Missing
    U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal
    Bronze Star Medal


    U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 about William T Carneal
    Name: William T Carneal
    Birth Year: 1920
    Race: White, citizen (White)
    Nativity State or Country: Kentucky
    State of Residence: Kentucky

    Enlistment Date: 14 Oct 1941
    Enlistment State: Kentucky
    Enlistment City: Louisville
    Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
    Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
    Grade: Private
    Grade Code: Private
    Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
    Source: Civil Life

    Education: 4 years of high school
    Civil Occupation: Retail managers
    Marital Status: Single, without dependents
    Height: 68
    Weight: 148

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    Thank you and your family for your service and ultimate sacrifice PFC William T Carneal. RIP

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