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    AZ - Steve Gibson, 39, dies in contract killing, Peoria, 1 March 2013



    (this story is weird)

    He made the news last year for sleeping on a plane and accidentally ended up in St. Louis.


    I think when he goes to trial, we should have a thread on him.

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    That is really odd. Why did his friend leave the house? Seems odd that you would have a friend over and then leave that friend with your father. Maybe the son had a beef with his father and his friend was doing him a "favor" because he didn't have the guts to do it himself. MOO

    RIP McStays

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    This is the second time one of those "weird stories that goes viral" people ended up murdering someone. The first one was the hiccup girl.

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    A few months ago, I read this trial was to begin around Dec. 2, 113. I keep checking Maricopa Superior Court's docket but I get "Server error" errors most of the day. Can't find anything. The McBee kids went to my granddaughter's school, but we did not know them, but we are interested. We passed numerous emergency vehicles in front of their house on the way to school the morning this was discovered. I will post if I can find any details!

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    Murder Victim Steve Gibson, Peoria, Az

    There are four people being charged with this murder. Three are teens, all being tried as adults.

    Steve Gibson of Peoria Killed by Teenage Hitman Hired by Wife and Son, Cops Say

    17-year-old Peoria girl charged as adult in fatherís murder

    Steven Gibson Jr., Erik McBee charged as adults in Peoria man's death

    Arizona Family Plotted Dad's Brutal Murder: Cops

    You can get public access to the court records. Here's the last few entries

    1/30/2014 Complex / Capital Case P 1
    1/30/2014 Complex / Capital Case D 2
    12/19/2013 Settlement Conference P 1
    12/19/2013 Settlement Conference D 2
    12/2/2013 Complex / Capital Case P 1
    12/2/2013 Complex / Capital Case D 2
    10/23/2013 085 - ME: Conference D 2
    10/15/2013 Complex / Capital Case P 1
    10/15/2013 Complex / Capital Case D 2
    9/13/2013 085 - ME: Conference D 2
    9/4/2013 Complex / Capital Case D 2
    9/4/2013 Complex / Capital Case P 1
    9/3/2013 REP - Report D 2
    9/3/2013 REP - Report P 1
    7/23/2013 027 - ME: Pretrial Conference D 2

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    The Peoria teen accused of plotting with his mother and others to kill his father was sentenced to 22 years in prison during a hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday morning.

    Steven Gibson Jr., 17, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and hindering prosecution in July...

    Gibson, who said nothing during the hearing, was also sentenced to three years of probation after his prison term is completed.

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