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    NY/NJ - JOEL RIFKIN Pre 1994

    Joel Rifkin was arrested in 1993 when a body was found in the trunk of his car after a routine traffic stop for a missing license plate.

    During questioning, Rifkin said he dismembered his first victim, a prostitute, and put her head and legs in streams in New Jersey, police said.

    Rifkin was convicted of nine murders and is believed to be responsible for at least 17 deaths, most of them prostitutes. He is serving a 203-year prison sentence.

    He continues to be named/suspected in other cases as new remains are found. I have not been following his history, but a search on his name in WS brings up several cases that can be linked to this serial killer file so there will be the master file whenever he is being researched.


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    Here's a link to the thread on Heidi Balch, one of his victims who was just identified this week, after 24 plus years. There is a lot of info on this thread.

    [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52898"]Identified! NJ - Mercer County - WhtFem 288UFNJ, 18-30, J. Rifkin Victim, Mar'89 - Heidi Balch - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Case History
    The victim was murdered by Joel David Rifkin in March 1989. He picked her up in Manhattan’s East Village, NY at around 10:00 pm. She was a drug addict and prostitute.
    Rifkin beat and strangled her and then dismembered her body. To foil identification, Rifkin severed her fingertips and pulled her teeth with pliers, then jammed her severed head into an old paint can.
    Rifkin drove the body parts across the state line to New Jersey, dropping the head and legs in the woods near Hopewell. Then he returned to Manhattan, pitching the arms and torso into the East River. On March 5, 1989, a member of the Hopewell Valley Golf Club in Hopewell Township, NJ found the can containing the victim's head near the 7th tee. Her legs were found in Pequonnock Creek, Jefferson Township, NJ on 4/8/89. Match confirmed by DNA testing.
    The case remained unsolved until Rifkin confessed in 1993.

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