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    TX - William Cain, 10 mos, fatally scalded, parents charged, 27 March 2013


    A 10-month-old boy died in a hospital Wednesday with severe burns covering half his body, a little more than two weeks after the Pasadena family's last visit from a Child Protective Services case worker.

    On June 13, 2012, officials received a report of alleged abuse when the then-1-month-old baby had a fractured leg. A week later, the child was placed with relatives until a court ruled on Dec. 18 that the child should be returned to his parents. CPS continued to monitor the case and had routine house visits as recently as March 12 of this year. The child was living with his parents and grandparents when he died.

    The family has refused to speak with investigators, and the cause of the boy's death is pending autopsy results from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

    A police detective went to the hospital to question the family, who told authorities they wanted an attorney, Mitchell said. The attorney told police that the family was not going to talk.

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    All the tears in the world won't make up for what this poor helpless baby endured. Too bad if parents won't talk - they "allowed" some horrific abuse to happen. Time to hold them accountable.

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    From September 2014:


    William Jace Cain appeared to have been scalded from the waist down and was in cardiac arrest in March 2013 when he was brought by his parents to Bayshore Medical Center He died shortly after arriving at the hospital...

    The parents, Vickie Cain — who also is known as Vickie McDaniel — and William Cain, were indicted in June 2013 by a Harris County grand jury. Both pleaded guilty last week to one count each of child injury...

    The 24-year-old father was sentenced to 12 years in state prison and the mother, 22, received deferred adjudication pending successful completion of probation.

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