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    OH - Richard Riddle, 52, shot to death, Ashtabula, 2013 *Insanity*


    ASHTABULA, Ohio (AP) — An ex-convict charged with killing his father at an Easter Sunday church service in Ohio made rambling comments during an appearance in court, and the prosecutor requested a psychiatric evaluation.

    The suspect, 28-year-old Reshad Riddle, appeared Monday afternoon in Ashtabula (ash-tuh-BYOO'-luh) Municipal Court in an orange jail jumpsuit with his ankles and wrists in chains.

    The bearded Riddle made rambling comments about God and said he wanted to be treated fairly. The prosecutor asked for $1 million bail and, if he makes it, a psychiatric evaluation and 24-hour monitoring.

    No plea was entered on an aggravated murder charge and two weapons counts.............more at link......

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    I found this so sad.....a man walks into church on Easter Sunday and kills his dad. There must have been some pent up issues somewhere.

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    Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court records show he was arrested and charged with two counts of felonious assault, kidnapping, abduction and tampering with evidence in 2006.

    Records show that in 2007, Reshad Riddle was charged with felonious assault, and in 2009 he was charged with possession of drugs, tampering with evidence and possession of cocaine.

    According to police reports, one of the felonious assault charges stemmed from an incident when Reshad Riddle allegedly attempted to cut his girlfriend's throat. Capt. Joseph Cellitti said the young woman's neck had been cut with a knife and she suffered bruising on her side and chest.

    from the link above

    He should have been in jail with all these charges, imo. Sometimes, we are just too lenient with dangerous criminals. just my own opinion
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    "Crack up the music and dance!"

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    From January 2015:


    A judge has ordered an Ohio man who fatally shot his father at Easter services to spend his life in a mental health facility.

    The decision by Ashtabula County Judge Ronald Vettel comes after the judge found Reshad Riddle not guilty by reason of insanity last month in the 2013 murder of Richard Riddle outside the Hiawatha Church of God in Christ in Ashtabula.

    The Ashtabula Star Beacon reports that Vettel’s commitment of Riddle to Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare System of Cleveland for life is a comparable sentence to the punishment he faced based on the original charge of aggravated murder.

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