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    Kansas governor signs bill eliminating statute of limitations on rape cases

    Kansas governor signs bill eliminating statute of limitations on rape cases
    (Wichita Eagle/kansas.com)
    TOPEKA — Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law a bill that eliminates the statute of limitations on rape and aggravated sodomy as advocates, lawmakers and a rape survivor applauded Monday.

    House Bill 2252 also allows victims of other violent sexual crimes 10 years after turning age 18 to report a crime, a move intended to help those who were molested or assaulted by a family member and are afraid to report it until they can safely leave their home.

    Kansas joins about 20 other states that have no time limit for the prosecution of rape.
    Only three other crimes in Kansas have no statute of limitations – murder and two terrorism-related charges approved after the Sept. 11 attacks.
    Lengthy article at link; now I'm wondering what other states have similar legislation. Anyone know if their state does?

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    Since I’m on the border, I thought I’d look up the statute of limitations of rape for both LA and MS.

    Re: Mississippi - There is no statute of limitations for sexual battery of a child. And no limit for touching or handling of a child for lustful purposes. For all other offenses, within two years after commission of the offense.

    Re: Louisiana - 30-year time limit which begins to run when victim attains the age of
    No time limit for any crime for which the punishment may be death or life imprisonment, or for forcible rape.
    Prosecutions for any sex offense otherwise barred may be commenced within three years after the date on which the identity of the suspect is established by a DNA testing.

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