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    TX - Baby may be permanently brain-damaged by abuse


    Doctors say it may take years to learn if a 2-month-old who allegedly suffered continuous abuse at the hands of his mother will lead a normal life.
    The baby’s mother, 27-year-old Crystal Renee Jackson, was charged with felony injury to a child.

    The baby suffered branching fractures on the left and right side of the skull, subdural hemorrhaging (bleeding over the brain), healing rib fractures, and a widening of skull sutures due to increased swelling and pressure inside his head. His condition was critical and he would most likely have permanent brain damage, doctors said.

    Doctors said Jackson’s explanation was not consistent with the extent of the injuries. They did not buy her story and said, in their opinion, the baby had been abused.
    As a result of his injuries, it is highly likely the first four years of the baby’s life will be very challenging and he is going to need extensive rehab and therapy, doctors said.
    Charges were filed against Jackson and her bail was set at $30,000.

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    Two months old...no words....

    Hoping this 'thing' gets some real jail time and the baby gets the care he needs...

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    How horrible, how terribly cruel, and how unfair. Why would someone hurt a delicate, tiny baby like that. If she didn't want it, she could have given it up for adoption. It will suffer effects its whole life from what she did to it through no fault of its own. I hope she is severely punished for what she did.

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    Hard to form coherent thoughts over this. To hurt a baby this young is just evil. It is a baby. Why not just walk away and go in the other room and take a few breaths or call someone.

    I thank the Lord for my MIL, my exhub and I lived with his mom and dad when my son was born. She was a Godsend. I had a rough delivery (c section) and my son had colic and I remember being exhausted. But NEVER was I ever at a point where I would hurt my child, sure i was frustrated that he would stop crying but we took turns handing him off to each other, each part of the solution because we loved my baby son.

    His crying troubled (made me feel bad,or upset me because I couldn't make it right, not because it annoyed me or angered me. I was worried he was in pain, I wanted to make him all better. I would have done anything to make him better (it didn't last long, it was the colicky stage.

    At one point we brought him to the hospital because he wouldn;t stop crying and was ill ( fever maybe). They gave him medicine and he immediately calmed down. I was holding him and he reached up and put his hand around my nose (like the "got your nose" kinda hold, only he didn't let go.

    So I stood there in the ER, talking with doctors, completing paperwork with a baby who was holding my nose. He was content so I wasn't about to stop him, I was thrilled because he did that sometimes (before he was sick).

    I hope the child in the story ends up with a special family who takes extra care with him and his life is filled with love and laughter. Please let him heal and be one of those miracle stories where at his graduation or his marriage his adoptive parents say "Doctors told us not to expect...(fill in blanks here, yada yada.... but he sure proved them wrong"

    Come on Lil Man. Please prove the doctors wrong. The doctors would LOVE to be proved wrong. I will say a special prayer with lots of hope for this baby. So he may not grow up to be a rocket scientist, just let him grow up happy, healthy and just average. Just average would be great with a good dose of happy and wrapped in being loved!


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    She said she was carrying him on her hip and "he hit his head on the door frame" multiple times. He also did that other times before that night~! Really?? HE just did that to himself?? What a crock. . .

    And he rolled off the bed. At what age do babies roll over, I've forgotten. I don't think mine rolled over that early...did they?? I hope they terminate her parental rights, but he does have a daddy so he probably won't be taken too far. Hope she goes to jail for a goodly while, that 's my wish. And sterilize her would be a good idea.

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    Sweet Holy Almighty. Your two month old hits their head "several" times on a door jam and you think this is O.K.? Even if that were the case for Lord sake anyone would freak the heck out.

    Not sure as I don't recall the age of rolling over either and that's when I slept next to a crib every single night. Well not slept, but worried. However, even if the little one could roll the matress and box spring were on the floor.

    Of course I was not there, but I think Mom there was losing beauty sleep and broke her child's ribs and bashed his head.

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    She might have squeezed her baby too tight? Really? This non-mothering incubator needs to be squeezed too tight, for a long long time. One who deliberately inflicts permanent injury upon a child should automatically be given permanent jail time.

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