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    Praying that the DV "expert" will get better so JM can make her really really sick.

    She has proven to be the queen of real Domestic Violence. She has commited DM on the Victims family. She has tormented them and she has never met them.

    Karma can be a biotch.

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    she better be at a hospital right now being checked out by a doctor, and not sitting with the DT rearranging her memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anagrammy View Post
    Maybe they are afraid she'll be acquitted and come after them. Or have MM exercise some revenge on her behalf. I don't find it hard to believe that people were afraid of her, after all, where are the beloved Arizona friends in the ward that she just could hardly bear leaving?

    They weren't good enough friends to help her move and I don't believe I read or heard of the usual farewell party.

    I think it's a case of her only needing men friends because she can't exploit women using her Brazilian tool.

    I believe almost everyone that crossed paths with JA is afraid of her... she is a psychopath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Softail View Post
    Yes, I heard that too. Interesting. I do know that Yreka is know for being a weed growing area. "Weed Country" on the discovery channel is frequently filmed there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cartercar View Post
    (As always I'm about three threads behind but not wanting to miss any comments from you wise and wonderful 'sleuthers.)

    One thing I'm noticing about ALV's testimony is that Jodi is always faultless, always impeccable, never makes a wrong move, does everything perfectly. Jodi is always cheerful and kind and obedient and hopeful and optimistic and forgiving and willing to suffer endlessly and and and.

    Travis, of course, does one monstrous thing after another, for each of which Saint Jodi is willing to most graciously forgive him.

    I've lost all respect for ALV. There is no critical thinking at all. Doesn't it ever occur to her that in this Gospel According to Jodi, the world and all its inhabitants are always and forever doing her wrong in some way or another? Doesn't she look at this person's history at all? Does it not occur to her that maybe this theme is preposterous - the man is a monster, but the woman, perfection and beauty itself, is always willing to lovingly forgive him for the multitude of wrongs and horrors he endlessly visits upon her. Ridiculous tripe.

    The straw that broke this camel's back is when she is giving testimony about how something-or-other JA and TA's travel plans had to be cut back, in part because he was having financial difficulties. According to ALV, Saint Jodi of the Great Desert was already getting some distance about the relationship and starting to realize that it was never going to be what she hoped.

    Yeah, right. Jodi was planning on snagging a rich husband. When Travis waivered in that regard and she saw that he might not represent that life of luxury she was counting on, she started re-evaluating the relationship. Nice spin, Ms Laviolette, to call it "beginning to realize the relationship would not be what Jodi had hoped for." Outrageous. It's just outrageous.

    It does not help her integrity at all that she is stating all of this about a relationship that didn't even last six months, where the poor pitiful ever-suffering saintly abuse victim lived 1,000+ miles away and had no children or property or even friends in common with the so-called monstrous abuser. Outrageous. It's a sharp slap in the face to every person who is genuinely a victim of domestic abuse.

    When she reports that "Jodi saw Travis with another woman in his living room," why doesn't she clarify that the reason Jodi saw this was that she was spying through his window? When she says "Jodi had access to his Facebook," why doesn't she clarify that the reason Jodi had access was because she hacked his accounts?

    As with so many other absurdities, I don't understand how things work in Arizona and why the court allows this utter and complete drivel. I hope Juan Martinez rips her testimony to shreds and puts it in the trash where it belongs.

    /end rant, thanks for letting me vent.
    You said it, excellent rant, ALV is either completely snowed or is a liar. She even notes JA spying on Travis and yet does not consider that jealous behavior. That is ABSURD.

    And we know she was intentionally spying because of that new video of the father saying it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerBalm View Post
    And yet the defendant whined to the detective, during the interrogation, that her family would never visit her.

    Also the defendant seemed to accuse Travis of snooping as well.

    Yet, she is the one during her police interrogation snooping thru the garbage can.

    I MUST say. I do find sympathy for JA mom. I find her tears believable. I seriously think I am a human lie detector. I can practically smell someone lying. Some call me skeptical, but I think I am more a realist. Whatever, I don't buy bull. But I DO buy Sandy. I cannot make judgment on her dad yet, don't have a feel for him.

    Even NG says that she would lie for her child if they committed a crime. Iremember years ago being shocked when hearing her say that, but I suppose many moms will do anything, even for a crazy azz disconnected child who appreciated nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadarLuv View Post
    I believe that David Lohr said that there is red tape, but it can be done. Public info. Only problem is....who is willing to do it.
    Hopefully, David Lohr got his message we left him

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    Quote Originally Posted by gngr~snap View Post
    True. Maybe she was going to be evaluated.
    If not a diabetic and truly sweating like that I would worry about her heart.
    65 sounds too old for "hot flashes" but I guess HRT could cause them.

    Like I said I hope she is ok.
    I still think it was the big D. Sweating while your tummy is cramping and churning.

    She had to use the bathroom the other day too, I think it's her nerves.

    Maybe Wilmott told her she'd be done with her today and she is afraid of Juan. That's my guess anyway. Usually if you just have to tinkle you can hold it for 20more minutes and use those pads as a back up just in case.

    I hope she doesn't continue to have this problem - she needs to start downing the Immodium pronto because Juan is inevitable.

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    Brought over from last thread . . . post #1718 by Anagrammy

    Clues coming out


    OK, Jodi called her mother, whom she "loves" but doesn't have a good relationship with, to help her move back to Yreka.

    This is not how it's done in the Mormon community, especially for a single woman. You call the bishop and ask if the elders quorum can help you load. You have everything packed up and they come and load it for you. Then you drive and the elders quorum at the new ward help you unload. I moved this way many times.

    If she were an active member, she would know this because she would be receiving calls to help people unpack/move and would know that people coming in were using Travis and his friends' help to unload trucks.

    Her being unwilling to do this tells me that she was not considered an active member and it supports my theory that she was being shunned due to word getting around that she was a dangerous stalker.

    Now another thing coming out. Jodi only wanted Travis to be happy--she wasn't jealous at all. She didn't even kill him. In fact, there's no mention of the murder in any of these journals. IT would be a notable event, so it must not have happened.

    This is how Alyce LaViolette is willing to twist and distort the facts to support her client, regardless of the known true facts of the case. I hope the mods don't mind my saying this, but what a betrayal of every true victim of domestic violence she has ever helped. Might as well hang a sandwich board sign on her (since she is old school and has no facebook page).

    It should read: Expert for Hire, Willing to Defend Perpetrators for $$$.

    Respectfully BBM, and italicized and underlined by me as well. . .

    I know single Mormon women who would not ask for this type of help from the church. Sometimes they have to pick and chose what they wish to ask for help from the church . ..( ie: . . .going to Bishops Warehouse (foodbank) or asking for assistance on paying property taxes or buying tires, etc) they have felt they could not ask anymore from the Bishop.

    Furthermore, the church has their own counseling services (not necessarily Graduate level providers) . . . JA could have asked for help for herself - but she would have to have disclosed the sexual contact between her and TA.

    The 2nd part (that I Bolded and underlined) speaks volumes to me. I am not trying to pick a fight or point out negativity in the LDS church over other organized religions but, in my experience in the LDS faith - Shunning was widely used as a Power and Control tactic over numerous members who were not following the doctrine.

    Many other religions use shunning as well but it was much more prevalent in the Mormon faith than others I have experienced (in my personal experience).

    Another thing I was somewhat astounded when I heard was JA "went to temple" after she and TA had an argument/fight. this is so misleading . . . .I am sure that JA did not have a "temple recommend" based upon her stellar behaviors in following the doctrine. JA stated she went to the temple visitor center parking lot . . . but that was as close as she could get to the temple. (Unless she was approved to do baptism for the dead but that still requires a sort of temple recommend).

    How many LDS members when they are upset drive to the temple parking lot to seek solace? That just seem so weird to me . . . maybe it was the "closest" JA felt she could get to a 'holy place'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZsaZsa View Post
    Welcome to the world of hot flashes and poor sleep...
    Not to mention having "trouble with your memory."
    What you don't know is how much you know without knowing you know it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weebles View Post
    I saw that as well and am wondering the same thing. Lets say something like a serious condition did present today and she goes to the hospital. Does the trial stop till she gets better? what if she never gets better? Do the defence get to find another DV expert and start over again since Juan can not do cross on a gravely ill or dead person?
    When JM gets done with her, she will WISH she were dead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayarohh View Post
    ALV has made me realize that my 5 year-old daughter is abusive to me. One minute she's telling me she loves me, the next minute she screams at me, telling me that MY behavior and actions make her into the person she is (ie - not allowing her to have more than 1 Barbie Dream House makes her sad) and then she lays the guilt on nice and thick. I'm just about ready to swing the door open and run for my life, but then she always reels me back in with an apology and another I Love You. I know she's crazy, but I love her. I think I'm going to stick this one out... you know... cuz I love her too.

    What ever happened to the term "TEMPER TANTRUM"?

    That being said, don't let your kid run YOU....I see this so much at work. YOU are the boss of them. (not directed at you specifically)

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    "A trial is a public event. And what transpires in a courtroom is public property."-Charles Grassley, Senator (R), Iowa

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILikeToBendPages View Post
    Yes, the Emerald Triangle. I forgot that is what they call it!
    Look twice - Save a Life! Motorcycles are everywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuri View Post
    Beth Kara's just speculated that ALV would be on the stand probably for the next 3 court days. Does anyone know when the court hiatus is scheduled? After next week? TIA
    I don't think there is a hiatus.... unless Beth Karas doesn't know about it because she said last week she thought deliberations would begin the week of the 15th; today she said it would probably be the week of the 22nd.

    Call me an optimist, but I think JW will finish with ALV tomorrow and Juan will start his cross before the weekend.

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    Listening to JA in her interrogation...

    Det. Flores asks her whether she wants to see the photos from before the murder.

    Instead, she says that she wants to see pictures of the bloody, gory aftermath.

    I think I found Bobby Juarez's vampiress...

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