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    New Search Technique?

    Interesting article...

    Drones over US soil: the calm before the swarm
    It was a muggy spring morning in South Texas almost one year ago when Gene Robinson arrived at the swampy waters near Sam Houston Lake Estates. All that week the area had been a hive of activity, as authorities searched along the banks, diving underwater with scuba gear, and flying overhead in helicopters. 150 search-and-rescue personnel aided by 40 dogs had criss-crossed the thick forest around the lake on foot, ATVs, and horseback. Texas Rangers stood guard with rifles, protecting search parties from alligators, feral hogs, and large predatory cats.
    The missing boy was Devon Davis, a two-year-old who had moved with his family to the area just a few weeks prior. While his mother was napping, Devon had wandered out of the house and disappeared. News of the lost child had gripped the state, and law enforcement had spared no expense. But after five days of searching, the mood was grim. The Texas Rangers were gathering in a trailer, their temporary headquarters. The plan was to call off the search at noon. With no options left, they decided to try one last-ditch effort. So they brought in Robinson, and his drone.

    Thank you ctkid!

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    Thanks! I did not know that such a SAR service like this existed, until I found this article.

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    I decided to follow up on this, here is the new name of the search services.


    The sheriff’s initial interest in a drone came from a search-and-rescue mission in 2007 to locate Naomi Arnette, a woman whose remains were discovered in a small town outside of Champaign. Gene Robinson, of the Texas-based RP Flight Systems (later renamed RP Search Services), was called in to fly his drone as part of a search team. Impressed by the high-tech gadget, the sheriff wanted one of his own. It was the end of the fiscal year and there was about $3,000 in drug forfeiture money that had to be spent. Lieut. Shane Cook contacted Robinson, who also sold his manufactured drones. Robinson replied promptly with a quote and some promotional material.
    Robinson said his drone has flown dozens of search missions for law enforcement agencies in 29 states and four countries, locating 10 missing persons after traditional search-and-rescue resources were exhausted.

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