Sex Trafficking: High Tech's Humanitarian Revolt Against the Johns ( link )

According to The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, in 2004 the number of child pornography files (online) stood at 450,000. By 2011 the number had increased to 17 million. I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that's roughly a 40x increase.

UNICEF reports that every year approximately 2 million children are exploited in the global sex trade.

That number is mind numbing so let's try this again.

Every year, against their will, scared, alone and traumatized, 2 million children -- a number that would fill every single pre-kindergarten classroom in the U.S. with 700,000 kids leftover -- are forced to have sex, all kinds of sex, with despicable, predatory people, mostly men. Some are wealthy traveling businessmen, some are cracked-out drug dealers, but they are atrocious all the same.


Three-point action plan


What if...

1) We all decided the collective goal was to reduce online human trafficking by 50 percent by 2015?

2) Once a day for the next month we committed to sending a text message to a friend or contact that read: "Join the movement! Spread the word about the BeFree shortcode (233733) and reduce human trafficking by 50 percent"?

3) You implored, personally (with a face-to-face ask), ten of your closest, most influential friends to post this message to their Facebook Wall and put this message at the bottom of their signature line: "Don't ask why, just trust me: spread the word about the BeFree shortcode (233733) and reduce human trafficking by 50 percent by 2015"?

Thorn's high tech network and Polaris Project's already existing hotline has provided a technology solution. But they need an equal reaction that mirrors their passion -- a massive, human sales force to drive this forward.

I'm in. Are you?