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    CA - Genie Wiley (1970)

    I do not know if this is the right place to post as this a case from 1970. This case is really horrifying. It involves a girl, Genie Wiley, who was locked inside a bedroom for the first 13 years of her life in a Los Angeles house. She was tied up and beaten by her abusive father, Clark Wiley. Clark Wiley never saw justice as he shot himself in the head and left a note. Genie was a subject of numerous studies from human development and psychology.


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    I just went down the rabbit hole reading about this case for hours, after I stumbled upon it through a link at the bottom of something else I was reading in regard to a different case here on WS. I can't believe how much this child was failed by everyone really.... not to mention the fact that everyone ignored her brother and never got him help. Whether the abuse started with Clark or he perpetuated it, this tragedy still runs through the family literally to this day. And nobody seems to know how Genie is doing... a report from 2008 had her living happily in a facility for mentally challenged adults, but an article from earlier this year states that nobody knows where she is or of she's even still alive. She would be 59 now.

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    I read up extensively on her years ago, she was known as Genie The Wild Child. I was a Linguistics major, then Speech Pathology. She was a very famous case study in what happens to the brain of a person deprived of language and social contact. There was another famous boy named Victor in France who grew up in a forest with wolves. Genie lived with therapists for years, as her mother was such an abused woman, she was useless as a mother. Genie regained some language, but not enough to function normally and live on her own.
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