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    Georgia Teens Fed up with segregated proms

    I don't even know what to say about this.... I am shocked this still goes on anywhere in 2013!


    A group of high school students in Wilcox County High School, GA., are taking a stand against their school's practice of holding racially-segregated proms by organizing the first-ever integrated prom in the school's history.

    Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace, and Keela Bloodworth are lifelong friends, who say they do everything together. Stephanie and Keela are white; Mareshia and Quanesha are black, which means that they would not have been able to attend prom together, they told WSAV

    "We are all friends," Stephanie told WSAV. "That's just kind of not right that we can't go to prom together."

    The school holds separate proms for white and non-white students. Homecoming is also normally segregated, with separate courts for each race.

    If a student attempted to cross the segregation divide "They would probably have the police come out there and escort them off the premises," said Keela.

    Mail Online reports that the school has not broken any civil rights laws because it doesn't actually sponsor the segregated prom dances - or any prom dance, for that matter. Instead, parents and students are responsible for organizing and funding the private events.

    The Wilcox County schools website does not list a prom in its calendar of events, nor is the controversy referenced in their "School News" section.

    In the video above, the students report that there has been opposition to their plans. Keela says "I put up posters for the "Integrated Prom" and we've had people ripping them down at the school."

    The above post is as always MY OPINION ONLY!

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    How is this still happening? Blatant racism is clearly alive and well, even in this day and age.

    I highly commend these girls for speaking out against this.
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    Like others, I am just dumbstruck that this is even still happening. Good grief.
    “Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all." -Abp Oscar Romero

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    Why is everyone so surprised? Self-segregation is not uncommon, even today. It's also not illegal. One is allowed to hang out with whomever one wants to. It will change when enough students stop going to the segregated proms.
    all my comments are just my opinion. jmho. moo. etc. etc.

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