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    OK - Carolyn Vaughn for starving dozens of horses, Seminole County, 2013


    WEWOKA, Okla. (AP) — Authorities in Seminole County have arrested a woman for animal abuse after finding between 20 and 30 dead horses at what she claimed was an animal rescue operation.

    Sheriff's deputies who entered the property on Friday say they found another 64 horses suffering from malnutrition..............

    The station reports deputies also found four goats, 28 dogs, a chinchilla, a lizard and a grey parrot on site...........

    Little more at link.....she had an animal cruelty charge in 2010..

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    From January 2015:


    Carolyn Nicole Vaughn pleaded guilty to more than 60 counts of animal abuse and was sentenced to eight years in prison. After serving just over a year, she wants out to care for her sick mom...

    On the stand, she admitted she has an animal hoarding problem but reported she is getting mental health counseling in prison and would get specialized help for her condition if released. However, she refused to take responsibility for the abuse, and so the judge decided not to let her out to take care of her mom.

    “If the court is going to consider that, then it should also consider the opposing view," Seminole County Assistant District Attorney Paul Smith said. "The community outrage of this grisly crime scene... and all the suffering of the animals.”

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