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    TX - Dorothy Canfield tried to hire hitman to kill Montgomery County prosecutor, 2013

    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- An 84-year-old woman allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill a Montgomery County prosecutor and assault the district attorney, a source close to the investigation tells KHOU 11 News.
    Sources say the suspect is Dorothy Clark Canfield, an inmate in the Montgomery County jail.

    A source says Canfield tried to hire someone to kill a prosecutor in an asset forfeiture case. She also allegedly wanted the hitman to assault the district attorney. Canfield was caught because the hitman she was talking to was actually part of a sting operation, the source said.

    More about the case is expected to be revealed at 1 p.m. press conference on Monday.
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    I think all the criminals in Texas must be loosing their minds either killing or trying to kill the prosecutors in their cases. I can't possibly think why they would consider that an option. There will always be another prosecutor to carry on.

    Looking at it another way, I suppose this elderly woman will never have to worry about a place to live & food for the rest of her life. Jail might be a better way to live than being on the street, starving & pushing a shopping cart.

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    What the heck?

    Seriously messed up............

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    From October 2014:


    An 85-year-old Willis woman likely will be spending the rest of her life in prison for trying to hire a hit man to injure the Montgomery County district attorney and kill the prosecutor trying her for scamming undocumented immigrants.

    Dorothy Clark Canfield was sentenced on Thursday by Judge David Walker from the 359th District Court in Conroe, receiving 25-year and 10-year sentences for the attempted hits on the prosecutor and the district attorney, respectively, and an 18-year sentence for theft, according to court records. The sentences will run concurrently...

    She was hoping that investigators might link any possible attempt on Ligon to the 2013 slayings of another Texas district attorney, his wife, and chief prosecutor in Kaufman County. Those killings gave Canfield the idea for the hits, her cellmates said in court.

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