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    NY - íB*tch Donít Steal My Dressí: Online Wars Erupt Over Prom Dresses

    Wow, things have certainly changed since my prom days (many years ago lol!)

    "Finding the perfect prom dress has always been an exciting, if not stressful moment for high school seniors, who not only compete to find their dream dress, but to avoid the ultimate fashion faux-pas — showing up at prom in the same dress as another girl."

    "In fact, the pressure to land a gorgeous gown has become so intense, that for some high school seniors in New York, finding their dream prom dress has become a matter of life or death."

    "To ensure that no one else will be wearing the same thing as them, these social media-savvy seniors are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr to lay claim to their prom dresses by posting ‘selfies’ of themselves modeling their gown, often right from the store’s dressing room."


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    From above link:

    "While teens using their smartphones to elicit feedback on their fashion choices is nothing new, what has many parents concerned are the life-threatening messages being posted alongside some of these prom dress pics."

    "According to the New York Post, some prom dress photos are being tagged to groups like ‘Don’t steal my dress or I might have to have your family murdered’ and ‘B*tch Don’t Steal My Dress’ and ‘Steal My Prom Dress and I’ll Knock You The **** Out."

    'Don't steal my prom dress': Teen girls use social media to avoid a fashion faux pas

    "Just ordered this beauty," one high school girl wrote on Twitter, with a photo of her outfit attached. "I swear if any of you steal my prom dress, I'll kill you personally."

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