Marion County deputies arrested a Summerfield man Monday afternoon after they say he chased his neighbor around the yard with a rusty machete in a fit of jealousy over his girlfriend.

Police say Juan Ortiz, 55, became irate after he saw his neighbor, speaking to his girlfriend, which prompted him to jump his fence and chase his neighbor with a rusty machete while yelling, "I am going to kill you." The victim ran from Ortiz and retreated into his own house, where he called 911.

Ortiz's girlfriend, Ellisha Ross, 28, told deputies that Ortiz lives with her at her home on Southeast 173rd Street. She said she was picking up the mail when she saw Ortiz's neighbor and decided to say hello.

Police say that Ortiz claimed that Ross and his neighbor were engaging in sexual intercourse and were habitual drug users.

Ortiz is being charged with aggravated assault and is being held in Marion County Jail.