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    NJ - Police find 2 children living in storage unit


    Police say the boys' mother was arrested for slashing the tires on her boyfriend's car. They say she told them about her children as part of routine questioning on whether she had any dependents.

    Police discovered a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old living inside a filthy, narrow, unheated unit at the Extra Space Storage facility.

    Full story with pictures here, unbelievable!!!


    Mother's name for the record Sheena Johnson, 27

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    I use to work at a storage facility in Sarasota, Fl.. We had a customer that was busted ..she was using unit to conduct business... She had it all set up bed... fan ..cooler for drinks ect ..
    "This isn't who they are. It is only what happened to them."
    Jaycee Dugard

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    i had a friend that lived in a tent with her child, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do, it did'nt look dirty, better than being under a bridge, - or living with a skank dude. if the children were healthy- i got no problem with her -- doing the best she could jmo moo

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    I don't see any "filth" just clutter. sounds like she needs some help, but sometimes you gotta do whatever you can to keep a roof. maybe im wrong, but cant help feeling sad for the mama.

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