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    AL - Mom planted daughter's nude photos in ex-husbands house

    A Prattville woman Tuesday was charged with planting nude images of her child in her ex-husband's home, just one day after police accused her of conspiring to kill the man over a custody dispute, law enforcement officials said.

    Shannon Marie Lorenzo, 32, is accused of breaking into her ex-husband's home and taking a picture of her 2-year-old child naked while holding an erotic toy. She is also accused of planting other images of child pornography, officials said.

    She is charged with two counts of permitting a child to engage in production of obscene material, one count of possession of obscene material, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, officials said. She also faces burglary and theft charges, some unrelated to the case involving her ex-husband, Chad Baker.

    "This is definitely not the way to resolve a custody dispute," District Attorney Randall Houston said. "She didn't want to share custody, for whatever reason. Now she's looking at some serious stuff here. I'm happy nobody's dead."

    She faces a maximum of more than three life sentences if convicted, officials said, and more charges may be filed within the next few days.


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    WTH was that woman thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teonspaleprincess
    WTH was that woman thinking?
    She wasn't. She was just desperate and very stupid!


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