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    Somewhere out there ....

    IN - Brown Co., Female skeletal remains in woods, Apr'13 - Kate McGrayel

    Woman's remains found in remote S. Indiana site

    NASHVILLE, Indiana A southern Indiana coroner says skeletal remains found last week at a remote site in Brown County are those of a woman who had been dead two years or more.

    Brown County chief deputy coroner Earl Piper says mushroom hunters found the remains last Thursday on a ridge in a rugged, wooded area that's a long hike from a rural road.

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    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
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    Bristol, TN/VA, USA (near mountains and 6 hours from east coast)
    How sad!! It's lovely country and has many tourists, in the autumn especially, a homey area.
    I raised my kids about an hr south and we never locked doors.

    My deepest condolences to family and friends.

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    Human remains found in Brown County woods

    The news article said the chief deputy coroner cautioned against speculation as to who the remains could be.



    Deputy coroner: Remains have not been identified

    Forensic examiners haven't reported a conclusion about whether or not the human remains found in the woods Thursday are from a man or a woman.



    Forensic experts work to identify human remains found in Brown Co.

    It may be a month before investigators find out if remains found in a wooded area of Brown County are male or female.

    The remains were found less than 30 miles from Bloomington where Indiana University co-ed Lauren Spierer went missing in June 2011.

    Bloomington Police said it is too early to determine if the bones are Spierer's remains.



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    A father told The Indianapolis Star tonight that he believes human remains recently discovered in Southern Indiana belong to his daughter, who has been missing for three years.

    Kate McGrayel was reported missing in April 2010, when she was 26. Her father, Jim, believes she died of hypothermia after hiking and napping not far from the home where he and his ex-wife lived.


    AFAIK, Kate was not listed in any of the online MP sites.

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    North Island, New Zealand.
    I wonder why Katie is not on any of the missing people sites?

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    another possible.
    I've been following the Spirer case and I feel so sorry for them. Everytime a body shows up it feels like they just want it to be her to have closure. I understand that, because the constant worry would hurt me so bad. I pray for her family.
    All I can do is try.

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    The decedent has been identified as Kate McGrayel


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    My thoughts are with her family.

    Out of curiosity, what are some of the main reasons why ppl, such as Kate, aren't listed on the major missing people sites?

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