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    Lawmakers support use of EBT @ Strip Clubs & Liquor Stores

    The Entitlenment Generation May Get To Spend Their "Free Money" for Lap Dances and Liquor Store Purchases ...This is So Wrong!

    What happened to buying Milk, Bread, Baby Food, Meat & Potatoes?

    The only two lawmakers in the state house and senate who donít support banning EBT cards from liquor stores, strip clubs and casinos are Memphis Democrats G.A. Hardaway and Johnnie Turner.

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    I am confused by why you are upset considering the article says:

    Tennessee state lawmakers are restricting where people who use government EBT cards can spend that money.

    Pretty soon, strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos will be off-limits.

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    It's been that way here for quite a while. You can't use the card to buy alcohol or cigarettes.
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    Interesting. I didn't know you ever could use the card in those places. Maybe b/c in this State you cannot.

    Used to see people selling their food stamps for cash or drugs. Thought the card a better idea b/c it would stop that since you have to keep the same card if you intend to keep getting the allowed limit. You can't use them in any type of restaurant here either that I know of, could be wrong. If you could, people would just drink the $$ away as some restaurants will ring up alcohol as food, illegal, but it happens.

    Tennessee must be very laid back.

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