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    NY - Carolee Ashby, 4, Fulton, 31 October 1968

    Douglas Parkhurst Identified On Facebook In 4-Year-Old Carolee Sadie Ashby's 1968 Hit-And-Run Death


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    holy cow.
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    to bad they can't charge him with something .Now aday's I swear its like cops make stuff up on the spot to add another charge agains't someone but something as serious as this and nothing can be done .I hope to hell he has been haunted every night he tries to sleep from that day continuing even now..
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    I can't believe there was a statue of limitations on this.
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    Facebook Helps Solve a 45-Year-Old Cold Case


    I used to think that Facebook was just for checking in on old flames, reconnecting with friends, usually to your detriment, and business. But lately, to my surprise, I’ve seen a lot of good coming out of Facebook. For instance, adult children finding their biological parents, parents sticking up for their children against bullies and recently, a 45-year-old hit-and-run cold case solved via Facebook.
    Halloween night 1968, Fulton, New York, Carolee Sadie Ashby was 4-years-old. Carolee, her sister and her cousin were walking home from the neighborhood store where they were buying candles to celebrate her sibling’s 15th birthday when the girls were the victims of a hit and run. The sister and cousin were unscathed but little Carolee died from injuries sustained in the accident. For 45 years, Carolee’s family has had no closure. Until now.
    A break in the cold case came when retired Fulton detective Lt. Russ Johnson posted the details of the case on a local history Facebook page. A former resident of Fulton who now lives in Florida saw that posting and came forward with new information.

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    So cool ! Yes, the internet should have everyone who got away with murder in the past looking over their shoulder. They cannot hide forever !

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    Here is a link series of articles regarding this case from a couple months ago. I think the title Imperfect Justice says it all.


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    Shoddy police work and keeping quiet for long enough let this killer go free. Sad to know there are so many missing persons cases and unsolved crimes that will follow this same track.

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    Bad police work in the beginning doomed this case. And it's too bad that woman didn't come forward right away. There should be no statute of limitations on these crimes. And in my world there would be billboards with his picture put up ALL OVER the area saying GUILTY OF KILLING A 6 Y/O GIRL.

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    It's definitely imperfect justice, but, to an extent, I can relate and sympathize with the driver. It was an accident, he was very young, and he did not know until later that it a little girl he hit rather than an animal (and I do think that's plausible, as a direct witness thought it was a teddy bear until they saw people running over). Denial is so powerful, an the evidence/investigation were so limited, that I even think it was possible that he convinced himself that it really wasn't him.

    However, most of my empathy is related to his young self at the time of the hit-and-run. He did eventually realize he did it, because he hid the car. If the person rumored to have done it wasn't involved at all, that was an extra, ongoing wrong of which he was guilty.

    If this was covered in the article, I missed it: were the girls crossing with or against the traffic light? Or at a crosswalk? It can be really hard to see pedestrians at night. If the hit-and-run would have been viewed as an understandable accident, it is even more tragic that he didn't have the courage to come forward.

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    Frustrating to learn of the existence of a third person of interest. Someone claiming to be Darlene Ashby, who was 15 and with Carolee at the time of the incident, commented on this article in response to others who had questioned why the reporter would even mention the existence of this third person when they already had a confession. Apparently it was the third person's name that has been swirling around town as guilty for 40 years, among other things.

    The Ashby Family doesn't Have to stop and think about what we have done to him or his family at all! We are not the ones accusing him. It is the community and even some of his own family members that have continually done this over the years and have called or come to my mother and told her either what they heard or what they themselves have witnessed. His own ex's have told my mom that he had something to do with it and how he drinks a lot and has nightmares. The informant also implicated him. I know she doesn't have it in her deposition but I can assure you the night she finally confessed to me that she has known all these years who did it anddid say he was involved. I truly believe it's not in her deposition because she is afraid of what he might do. He thretened me and anyone else that mentions his name the conversation I had with him. This stuff makes a family wonder it doesn't make them the accusers. I recieved a phone call from this man not years ago but right when this was breaking news, to tell me that he was not involved. My question to him was " why wasn't this call made to us years ago"? You would think that he or even his family would want to clear themselves from these rumors. He said this was the 1st he knew that he was implicated. Therefore how did we put him and his family through anything all these years? They didn't even know they were being accused even though they were part of a small community that many people were implicating him! I think that is pretty odd, myself and then to threaten me and for me to tell others that dare mention his name.. As far as Doug Parhurst's confession, he now says he didn't have anything to do with it, that he was coerst into confessing. So according to you we probably shouldn't continue to implicate Doug Parkhurst either. This is why the question of what really happened that night is still being questioned! Once again The Ashby Family is not the accusers !! If your heart really goes out to us you would of got your facts right before you accused us of this! I don't believe in accusing the wrong person but we still haven't got the whole truth and probably never will!
    It doesn't seem far fetched that a very prominent man could convince someone else who was there to take the fall, especially knowing that it is past the statute of limitations and there will be no real repercussions.

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    I also think it is worth noting that the author of the series of articles on this case replied to a comment on the same article referenced above with this:

    We did reach out to the third person who is mentioned in police reports and who the Facebook tipster named. That person said he couldn't remember anything.
    This person couldn't remember anything? Either you do or you don't recall hitting something substantial with a car the same night a local girl is killed. Especially if he has suffered from being prematurely accused for the past several decades - he knows where he was and where he wasn't.

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