Could not find a thread in the Unidentified forum but Hot Case 2071 on Doe Network has been identified as Feaster Jack Jewel Eaton...

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Prison dentures among only clues in Montgomery County cold case
By Dale Lezon | April 25, 2013

Mystery still surrounds the death of a man whose bones were discovered about 12 years ago while a bulldozer operator was clearing woods in Montgomery County.

The skeletal remains were found above ground Jan. 20, 2001, on Bilnoski Road near Afton Park, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said pieces of clothing and a set of partial dentures were also found at the scene.

The partial dentures were later determined to have been issued to Feaster "Jack" Jewel Eaton by the Department of Criminal Justice. Leads in the case went cold after that discovery.

Recently, however, investigators received DNA test results that positively identified the remains as Eaton's.