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    Kermie: the dog who defied odds and lived long enough to see her sailor one last time

    The rest of the story with must-see pictures, at the link:

    The heart-rending story of Kermie the cancer-stricken dog who defied
    medical odds and lived long enough to see her sailor owner one last time

    (Daily Mail)

    Kermie the dog was dying of cancer, but against all odds, she hung on long enough to welcome home her owner from a military deployment.
    Eric's wife, Jennifer, explained in the description of the heart-warming 25-second clip that last March, her husband left for an eight-month deployment. He serves in the US Navy as chief hospital corpsman aboard USS Frank Cable, stationed in Guam.
    An exam revealed the awful diagnosis: that the pooch had oral melanoma.

    Kermie was given only two or three months to live, which meant that the pup was going to pass away without her owner by her side.

    'We were devastated, to say the least,' Mrs Ralston wrote. 'Kermie was our first child, and we did not think Eric would ever get to see her again.'
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    Pets...how we love our doggies and how amazingly loyal and loving our fur babies are.

    Brings tears to your eyes.
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    Lovely story thank you for sharing. It is amazing the love an animal can show I have my furry friend purring beside me right now.
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    Once upon a time my daughter had a cat we got from the pound. Then my daughter left home to live with her father. Well, the cat got cancer, a large growth, terminal. Yet, that cat, which I allowed to live since he didn't appear to be in pain, lived long enough to see her visit once again, and then he died. Odd.

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