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Thread: IL - Paul J. Fronczak, 1 day, Chicago, 1964 + UID Male, 1, NJ, 1965 - DNA shocker!

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    For whatever reason (unbeknownst to us) the whole Sam Miller angle seems to have gone "poof"…It was taken off of the Facebook PJFronczak page altogether…
    That said, despite great trust in "new" science, I think artist's "age-progressed" renderings of 72 hour newborns into adults is sorely lacking - simply because it's like trying to predict (like tarot card readings) who or what the person will/did become. Case in point - I look absolutely NOTHING like my mother. I have some of my father's physical traits that one would only recognize if they knew us very well. I look nothing like either of them. I know that I am their biological child. Add to that - a baby pic…My son was born with a bushel of curly hair. He outgrew it. Doesn't have it anymore. I could go on and on. The "age progressed" images should be referred to as "One artist thinks he might look like this as an adult"…


    ETA - I don't know what computer program they're all using to create these images but somehow, a lot of these "age progressions" of missing people are "looking" so similar; they could all be siblings of one another!

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    I strongly suspect that something unexpectedly happened to PJFronczac's mother when he was left alone in NJ. Mother's often abandon babies in desperation but his story is quite unique. I'm not sure how many children are abandoned in stores but I would suspect that the relative number is low. Maybe she was ill or suffered a life-threatening circumstance (heart attack or aneurism) and the "abandoned child" and missing mother weren't connected. I've tried to find more detailed information regarding how and when and by whom he was found but there doesn't seem too be much available.

    No doubt - there was one solitary wing-bat detective who thought he might have been the Fronczak's child and somehow things spiralled out of control. How on earth would one connect the two if not? Are the FBI files on this case open or still suppressed?

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    He was 2 1/2 when found in NJ. Could he talk? Was he crying? Did he ask for his mother? Was he well cared for? Were his clothes and stroller clean or dirty? Was there anything attached to the stroller? Toys, food, bag with nappies? Who noticed him alone and unattended? How long had he been so? Who called the authorities? Who were the authorities? Were there any witnesses and what did they have to say?

    …and on and on and on...

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    I posted some of the same questions to the Facebook page several weeks ago with no official response. How did they determine the child's age? What size clothing/shoes was he wearing? Did he say ANYTHING at all? Has anyone looked into women found murdered or missing around that time - it's possible the mother's family had no idea she had a child. Have the Fronczaks thought back to when the child did begin to speak and did he say anything out of the ordinary? Even that young I would have asked him questions, even if I thought he was my child, I would have wanted to know who he had been with all that time. Several questions of that sort.

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    This case just get's more and more complex,

    Although both circumstances are unique in their own right, it is sad for the families how both cases are connected, but yet so far apart.

    1.) We have the real Paul Fronczak, kidnapped from a hospital taken from his mother from an abductor posing as a nurse in 1964.

    2.) We have this abandoned child found in 1965 outside a store, who LE identified as baby Paul Fronczak. But LE didn't really use any scientific methods or assessments at that time, other than he "looked" like the baby picture, of the newborn of the real Paul Fronczak

    3.) What validity do you put in Sam Miller's claim that his Mother was the kidnapper of the real baby Paul Fronzak? Or does that validity now diminish, since as posters have said, the whole Sam Miller story has gone "poof?"

    4.) I think it is likely that the kidnapper of the real Paul Fronczak did not harm him, but wanted a child to raise as her own.

    5.) Maybe if we can solve either connected case, it could open up new evidence on either side:

    Abducted Birth Paul Fronczak

    1.) Who was the kidnapper?
    2.) What was her motive?
    3.) What were her methods? I read somewhere that there was evidence that a woman who resembled the kidnapper was seen at the hospital before? I can't remember if this was from Sam Miller, or some other source? (or both?)

    Unknown Abandoned Child: (False Paul Fronczak)

    1.) Who found this child? Did he talk? Ask for his mother? What was the connection that LE was so sure that this was "Paul Fronczak?" when DNA proved it was not?

    2.) What was the child wearing when found? What was the health of the child and his clothing? Were birth records and hospital records checked for who this child was? Exactly how did LE find him? What reports of other missing children existed around that time?

    3.) What's the real name of this abandoned child, and the circumstances surrounded his abandonment?

    Charley Project's updated account:

    I could not find Paul's case to link to it on Doe Network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Panther View Post
    I think artist's "age-progressed" renderings of 72 hour newborns into adults is sorely lacking - simply because it's like trying to predict (like tarot card readings) who or what the person will/did become.
    Aric Austin, Carlina White, and Marx Barnes all looked very much like their AP, and all three went missing as infants.

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    Too much missing information

    There does appear to be way too much information that hasn't been shared with the public or simply has not been searched for or discovered. I agree with other posters about that. Also, one might think that if DNA is the basis for identifying the real Paul that instructions would be publicized so that anyone who thinks they might be Paul could provide a DNA sample to one specific company only without having to go to the press. There could be an account at, for example, simply named the Paul Fronczak account. They need to make this process as simple as possible.
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    I found this article that explains that Sam Miller is not Paul Fronczak:

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    What does the WS community think about this suspect, who unfortunately in this case, died twelve years ago?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Satch View Post
    What does the WS community think about this suspect, who unfortunately in this case, died twelve years ago?

    I hope that some how they are following this lead!

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    On the 50th anniversary of an unsolved mystery that continues to draw attention and leads from around the world, Paul Fronczak is still hoping to uncover his true identity and find the baby that was stolen a half century ago from the woman he believed was his biological mother.

    “I feel super hopeful that we’re going to solve both these mysteries this year,” Fronczak told ABC News.
    After looking at the hospital’s baby picture of Fronczak, Harbaugh claimed that not only did he recognize the baby, but said he used to play with the child when he was a teenager living with his mother. Harbaugh said the baby had just showed up one day.
    Taylor, Harbaugh said, was a master of disguise and could pass for white, black, Puerto Rican or Hawaiian in her schemes to collect fraudulent welfare payments. Sometimes she even posed as a doctor or nurse, he said.

    “She had a room with nothing but wigs and nurse dresses and shoes,” Harbaugh said.

    In the 1970s, when Linda Taylor was put on trial for welfare fraud, she actually came under investigation for stealing the Fronczak baby. A local newspaper reported that one of her ex-husbands said that one day in the mid-1960s Taylor appeared with a newborn baby, even though she was not pregnant.

    Harbaugh said he didn’t say anything to the authorities about the sudden appearance of the baby because he was in trouble with the law back then
    Harbaugh said the baby disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. One day he came home from school and the child was gone. Harbaugh said he’s “positive” it was taken by one of Taylor’s boyfriends to Tennessee.

    Taylor died twelve years ago, but the FBI told ABC News they are looking back at Taylor’s possible involvement with fresh eyes. Hyde, the FBI spokeswoman, admitted old cases like this one present unique challenges due to the passage of time, but they remain hopeful.

    Tammie McCormick, 13, missing since 1986

    Jaliek Rainwalker, 12, missing since 2007

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