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    Reported Missing 6 years ago today.


    Despite the fact that the trail of evidence has gone cold, the case is still an active investigation, Konopek said. He believes there is information about Lisa’s whereabouts yet to be uncovered.

    “We still strongly believe there is someone out there that knows something,” Konopek said. “If you know anything related to the case, please give us a call.”
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    Photos from various cases (click on left-column names on the main photobucket page...they are in alphabetical order) http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm166/crankycrankerson/

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    Wishing Lisa and Stacy would be found.

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    Hello ... I have followed this case from the start but only when it was in the news and stuff like that. What I'm wondering though is what happened to the blood In the truck and I think a tarp were they not doing DNA on the blood found on those items that was the last I had heard but it sounds like something didn't match or something ..
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