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    NJ - New Push to Capture Woman in ’73 Killing of State Trooper


    The end came suddenly for Werner Foerster, a 34-year-old state trooper executed with his own gun on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973. For many others — his widow, the State Police and the woman convicted of his murder — the end remains elusive, postponed these 40 years by a fight over what justice really means.

    Law enforcement officials advanced their side of that debate on Thursday by placing Joanne D. Chesimard, who was convicted of the murder in 1977, on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists. She became the first woman named to the list, and only the second domestic terrorist, the agency said.

    The reward for Ms. Chesimard’s capture and repatriation from Cuba, where she moved after escaping from prison in 1979, was doubled to $2 million.

    More at link......

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    Interestingly, she was related to Tupac Shakur (a step aunt or something like that).
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    A man convicted in the shooting death of a New Jersey state trooper in a crime that still provokes strong emotion among law enforcement more than 40 years later was ordered released on parole by a state appeals court Monday.

    Sundiata Acoli was known as Clark Edward Squire when he was convicted of the 1973 slaying of Trooper Werner Foerster during a stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. Now in his mid-70s, Acoli was denied parole most recently in 2011, but the appellate judges reversed that ruling Monday...

    One of the three people in the car when it was stopped was Joanne Chesimard, who also was convicted of Foerster's slaying but eventually escaped to Cuba and is now known as Assata Shakur. Last year, state and federal authorities announced a $2 million reward for information leading to her capture, and the FBI made her the first woman on its list of most wanted terrorists. She and Acoli were members of black militant organizations.

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    For your safety, before you depart for your long-awaited Cuban vacation, please visit the New Jersey State Police website at njsp.org. You’ll find the most updated photographs of these four terrorist fugitives accompanied by a short bio from the FBI.

    Joanne Chesimard, William Guillermo Morales, Victor Manuel Gerena and Charles Hill — hail from US-based domestic terror organizations whose violent track record includes bringing about the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two members of the US military, as well as perpetrating a string of 159 bombings that have destroyed the lives and families of many more.


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    article is not about Joanne Chesimard, but two other accused cop-killers who fled to Cuba

    Two American fugitives who fled to Cuba after they were accused of killing police officers said Friday that Cuban officials have assured them that detente with the United States will not lead to their extradition.

    The United States and Cuba held a second round of law-enforcement talks last month dedicated partly to resolving the fate of scores of fugitives after more than a half century with almost no cooperation.


    The discussions have raised U.S. law enforcement hopes that fugitives living in Cuba for decades will return to the United States to face trial or serve prison under plea deals.

    Charles Hill, a black militant wanted in the 1971 slaying of a New Mexico state policeman, told The Associated Press that Cuban government contacts had recently reassured him he was at no risk of extradition.

    Nehanda Abiodun (...) told the AP she had recently received a similar promise.

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