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    OK: Charles Marcellus Fiero DOB 10/09/1958 Found 01/15/2013

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    Surname: FIERO
    Given name: CHARLES
    Middle name: MARCELLUS
    Street/house number: 415
    Street direction: W
    Street name: ARCHER
    Street type: ST
    Building number, apartment or suite:
    Municipality: TULSA
    Zip Code: 74103
    Birth date: 1958 10 09
    (Voter) registration date: 2004 11 18

    The photo on the NAMUS site is a mugshot and I see multiple arrests for public intoxication.

    Public records confirm same address in 1935-1993... he'd been there for quite a while. Turns out it's the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.
    I assume no one there had any info on NOK.

    I also found a public records listing for him with the aliases Charles M Jones, and Marty Jones.

    While it *could* be coincidence, I found an older gentleman with the same exact name (CMF), who was nicknamed "Marty" and who died in 1957, just a few months before OUR Charles' birth. This man's obit is here: http://fultonhistory.com/Newspapers%...20-%200127.pdf

    That obit lists a son and two daughters. A few leaps (admittedly) suggests that the son John listed here is potentially our Charles' father?

    Ancestry has a yearbook photo of JohnCF from 1952, and I see a resemblance.... but that's highly subjective and I'm pretty bad at those things, so that's just a FWIW.

    There's a JCF and a NormaCF who 'fit' as CMF's parents currently living in Vail, AZ. They have a daughter K*imberli also.

    Intelius lists them as having a "Martin" as a relation. I can see how databases could get that from "Marty" and so this seems like a potential confirmation of the connection. In addition, that same listing for NCF suggests she once lived in Canandaigua, NY, which is where the older CMF lived, connecting the families further.

    I can't find a death record for either JCF or NCF, so perhaps they're still alive and can be notified.

    I'm going to PM the JCF and NCF info to Raine, who hopefully will be able to find current contact info for them.
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