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    DC - Hattie Jackson, 6, Washington DC, 21 July 1961

    Hattie E. Jackson

    Endangered Missing from Washington DC since July 21, 1961

    Age: 6 -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Hattie was last seen playing with her older brother and some friends at Rock Creek Park in Washington DC on July 21, 1961. They were swimming in the creek when a police officer told them the water was polluted and they could not swim there. An unidentified man was sitting nearby, and when the police officer left, he offered to drive the children to another place 2 miles away where the water was clean and they could swim. The kids turned him down and continued playing. Then Hattie disappeared, an no one noticed her leave.

    Several witnesses reported seeing Hattie being helped into a dull blue / gray older model car near the park. The driver of the car matched the description of the man talking to the kids in the park. He was Caucasian, in his 30s, with short brown hair. He has never been identified and it's not certain if he was involved in Hattie's disappearance.

    An extensive search of the area turned up no sign of Hattie. She has never been found.


    Charley Project

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    Saw this case come up on Charley Project. Surprised that there has been NOTHING about Hattie online until now. Can't even find anything in Google Archives. It seems like something that would capture everyone's attention today.

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    Hattie E. Jackson / Namus UP 2196

    I just saw this case come up on Charley Project, in the updates section. Sort of echoing whats above- theres very little out there on Hattie's disappearance. Sadly, I don't think missing black children were anyone's top priority during that time.
    This case- https://identifyus.org/cases/2196 the composite looks a lot like Hattie. The time frame is wide open on this Doe case- Probable year of death 0 to 1983

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    Pike Creek area in Delaware

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    There is a very clear photo of what the car is believed to have looked like. Maybe it will jog someone's memory. There are also several comments from people who knew Hattie and/or lived in the area.
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