I am trying to find information on a case that occurred in August 1997. A couple that had been married less than a year, both of whom had lost their licenses due to DUI, were at a bar. The wife, and probably the husband had become involved with drugs. The husband passed out in a chair in the corner, which was apparently NOT uncommon for him. When he woke, he learned his bride had left without him. She was missing for 12 days, before her decomposed remains were located in an abandoned building. Her family ID'd her from clothing, a tattoo and her wedding rings. There was an "unexplained" Holiday Inn keycard found in her bra. I have no idea of there was any investigation into who the room had been booked by.
When he was not shown a photo of her face to ID, the husband told the detective that he assumed she had been shot in the face. It turns out that she had, and that it was (probably) just common sense that allowed him to put the pieces together. He was interrogated, and his whereabouts were confirmed by a federal probation officer who was in the bar with her husband on the night in question and verified that he was unconscious when his wife departed. He subsequently passed a polygraph.
I do not believe there was much of an investigation beyond that, or even if the case got any press at all, since she was an adult and drugs may have played a part. I was just hoping someone here would remember this case and help me fill in the blanks.