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    RU - 'Ghost plane' mystery as crash found 11 months later, only 5 miles from airport

    Mystery of the ghost plane: Wreckage and bones found just a few miles
    from where it took off a year ago... despite first search finding nothing

    Questions are being asked after the fire-damaged wreck of an Antonov-2 biplane lost for almost a year was found just five miles from where it took off.

    The plane and its 13 passengers disappeared after going on an unauthorised 'joyride' from Serov in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, on June 11 last year.

    Despite an extensive search lasting several months over an area the size of Western Europe, the wreckage remained undetected - although it apparently crashed just five miles from where it took off.
    Some believe there has been a conspiracy to cover up the truth.

    Andrey Safronov, father of Anton Safronov, who was travelling aboard the plane with his wife Julia, told the Siberian Times: 'They searched there last summer. All around was searched and nothing was found'.

    'Last year's hunt was conducted by elite OMON troops, it was claimed. And now - suddenly - everything was found.

    'And, most importantly, it was all on the surface, all the debris on the surface, all the bones on the surface, even though it was burning'.

    Mr Safronov claimed the crash site was staged to look like the scene of the tragedy and that there could be sinister circumstances behind the plane's downing.'
    more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    And to add to the mysteriousness:

    Oddly there will be no black box data on the Antonov-2's final flight. 'In this case the black box did not work. Or was not switched on,' said Mr Zalensky of the Local Emergencies Ministry.

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    Military hijinx/cover-up theory reminds of possible solutions to great Dyatlov Pass Incident mystery of 1959.

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    How many people were there? DM says 13 people boarded the plane, Telegraph says 11 were found.

    Body parts of 11 people were also found at the site, with the wreckage identified as that of an An-2 similar to the one lost last year, the interior ministry said.

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    Here's the Siberian Times account the Mail cribbed from; it says 13. Longer article, lotsa pics:


    And this:
    The failure of the original search promoted fanciful theories about its fate and even speculation the passengers had survived and were fighting for their lives in the wilderness.Komsomolskaya Pravda daily revealed the search area included the mythical Dyatlov pass in the northern Urals where a group of students vanished on an expedition in 1959 in a mystery that has never been solved.

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