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    PA - Judith Hartdegen, 74, murdered in her Philadelphia home, 6 May 2013

    Lou Hartdegen aged 75 thinks he's slick. However, he didn't outslick Philadelphia Detectives.

    Hartdegen murdered his wife Judith and set up the crime scene to look like a home invasion. Considering we've had quite a few of them that was feasible. He then did the unthikable and implicated his 26 year old neighbor.

    Hartdegen is in the hospital with some bruises and scratches. It now comes out he did time for incest and time for burglary years ago.


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    Louis Hartdegen may yet be judged for the May 6, 2013 murder of his wife of 52 years but it won’t be in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

    On the same day Judge Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi set a date for Hartdegen’s nonjury trial, the 76-year-old Northeast man neighbors once dubbed “the mayor of Castor Avenue” died.

    Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore confirmed Hartdegen’s death and said his lawyers said he had a heart attack.

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