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Thread: TN - Rick Bready, 61, Memphis, 3 May 2013

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    TN - Rick Bready, 61, Memphis, 3 May 2013

    Bready vanished from his home on Central Avenue last Friday. Family members talked to him the day before.

    When loved ones searched his home Friday Bready's keys, his wallet, and car were still there. There was blood on the front door which he rarely uses.

    His wrist watch was found in a drainage ditch about 70 yards from his home.

    "How his watch got down there makes no sense at all," said Mark.

    There is no way Bready could have navigated the ditch because of an injury he sustained while in the Navy.

    "He's endured five back operations, five, and he's a walking miracle. The doctors told him 10 years ago he wouldn't walk again," said Mark.

    So Bready uses a cane that was, too, left behind.

    Family members said pain medications might have made him disoriented. A neighbor said Bready appeared to be hallucinating the day before he disappeared, and there was blood and mud on his arm.

    The essential items Rick Bready needs to survive are not with him.

    He was last seen in the 3300 block of Central Avenue. If you have seen him call Memphis Police 901-545-2677.
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    This is the only article I've seen about this man. I probably live about 2 blocks away from him. I wish we knew more or knew of some way to help.

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    This doesn't sound good. I hope he is safe somewhere and just got confused and wandered off. I hope they have checked local hospitals.

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    ***please help-missing relative!*** (memphis, tn)

    Posted: 2013-08-04, 5:35AM EDT



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