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    UK - The city beneath the sea: 3D scans reveal the 'drowned' medieval town of Dunwich

    The streets of 'Britain's Atlantis' seen for the first time in centuries: 3D scans reveal the 'drowned' medieval town of Dunwich
    British researchers have revealed the street of a lost medieval town dubbed 'Britain's Atlantis', for the first time.

    The team from the University of Southampton used advanced 3D scanning to reveal the port town of Dunwich.

    Present day Dunwich is a village 14 miles south of Lowestoft in Suffolk, but it was once a thriving port – similar in size to 14th Century London until coastal erosion left it 10M underwater.

    Funded and supported by English Heritage, the project led by Professor David Sear has produced the most accurate map to date of the town’s streets, boundaries and major buildings, and revealed new ruins on the seabed.

    'Visibility under the water at Dunwich is very poor due to the muddy water.

    'This has limited the exploration of the site.

    'We have now dived on the site using high resolution acoustic imaging to examine the ruins on the seabed – a first use of this technology for non-wreck marine archaeology.

    'The technology is rather like shining a torch onto the seabed, only using sound instead of light.

    'The data produced helps us to not only see the ruins, but also understand more about how they interact with the tidal currents and sea bed.'
    Much more, with 3D images, pictures, maps, and graphs plus a sidebar, at Daily Mail link above; great stuff for those who like this sort of thing. One might even imagine the bells of All Saints, the last major portion of the belltower of which plummeted in 1919, still ringing under the sea.

    Dunwich (Wiki)

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    I've been reading some Cornwell books (fictitious) about Saxon England, and it mentions Dunwith. What an intriguing mystery that is being solved by technology. Just too cool.

    And then the question becomes "climate change in the 1300s"?? Why, yes, there was a "mini ice age" complete with horrendous storms and damage...

    But that's more of a political thread.

    Still, great post, Wuffy...as usual.

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    For lost villages and "ruin porn" in general, see also:

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