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    NC - Jaydon Sandlin, 20 mos, scalded & beaten to death, mom & BF charged, 3 May 2013


    Twenty-one-year-old Whitney Weathers of Long View was arrested Thursday and charged with felony child abuse.

    Weather's boyfriend, William Howard Lail III was charged with murder May 3 after police found their 20-month-old son, Jaden, dead.

    Warrants say that Lail intentionally scalded Jaydon Ray Sandlin and his sister when he was watching them for Weathers.

    The 3-year-old girl, K*****, had burns and bruises.

    More details here


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    According to the warrants, both children sustained “scalding burns” to various parts of their bodies. Jaydon’s burns were to his buttocks and the back of both legs. Kylie’s burns were to her head, shoulder, legs and feet. The burns resulted in “scarring and open wounds” to both children, the warrants say.

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    Not again !!!!!!!!!! What the he@@ is wrong with people ??? These are little tiny children. If you can't deal with them, call someone for Gods sake. Call a neighbor, a coworker, grandma and just say I need a break. Why can't people do this ???

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    January 2014:

    An earlier DSS hearing found Lail was responsible for scalding burns to both children, Van Buren said. Testimony at that hearing indicated Jaydon had 101 injuries to his body, including bruises, marks and broken ribs, he said.

    Van Buren painted a bleak picture of the lives of the Sandlin children. He said Lail and Weathers left the children strapped in car seats or locked in a closet instead of watching them, and when scalding burns to Jaydon made it difficult to put diapers on him, he went without...

    Van Buren said Lail had been going to a methadone clinic before his arrest, and he didn’t know why anyone would go to such a clinic if he or she was not addicted to drugs


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