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View Poll Results: Did Ariel Leave the Door Open on Purpose?

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  • Yes, he wanted to get caught.

    9 3.44%
  • No, he was testing the girls.

    7 2.67%
  • No, he just messed up.

    239 91.22%
  • Other

    7 2.67%

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    Did Ariel Leave the Door Open on Purpose?

    I have to wonder, considering Ariel asked his son in mid-April if he thought the police would ever find Amanda Berry AND wrote on his Facebook page " Miracles really do happen, God is good " AND if his house was in foreclosure, do you suppose he left the door open on purpose? That he was ready to get caught? Thoughts?
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    The thought crossed my mind, but I don't know enough to have an opinion yet.
    Makes a person wonder, though. Curiouser and curiouser.
    So glad these ladies and child were saved.
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    Maybe he'd been able to leave the place partially unlocked for years, they were so traumatised and he was so cocky.

    He must've felt invincible.
    Everything I post is my opinion only, can change at any time, and is not intended to replace fact.
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    I think part of him was "done tired of holding a secret. Keeping 3 grown women quiet and hidden was tiring and overwhelming for him. He couldn't go anywhere for long periods of time without worrying about "it" (his secret).

    He didn't think that far ahead. 10 years is a very long time.

    I would think most people don't have that kind of secret, but does anyone ever remember being relieved when the truth about something finally came out?
    I hear it is pretty overwhelming.

    Someone mentioned earlier that he did not hold much back when found. It just leads me to feel as if he couldn't go on much more.

    AND=== If he was really going to lose his house soon, what was he going to do with the girls? I'm sure he had them long enough he didn't really want to kill them, had some sort of sick attachment. So if he was going to kill them how would he do that and get away with it? Probably too chicken to say hey its all over. Lets call the police and get you girls home.

    Who knows, maybe he would just hope that they would all escape at once and he would have time to be a coward and commit suicide.
    Just some thoughts going through my head. ... I think he was tired and painted himself into a corner.
    Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

    Psalm 37:3

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    If people are right about how he always kept all of the deadbolts locked even when he was home, he almost had to have left it unlocked on purpose; unless he left the key for it someplace where she got access to it.
    Every murderer is someone's old friend ... Agatha Christie

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    I think he just messed up..after all those years that was bound to happen and I am so happy Amanda seized that opportunity..
    I also came to this conclusion because of something I read that he reportedly said in his interrogation..

    "Castro believed he would eventually be caught because he did not have "an exit plan" on how to deal with the three women and the girl he held captive in his Seymour Avenue home, the sources said. He just did not think it would be so soon."


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    It is hard for me to say ,I think he always wanted to get caught . He made the girls watch the news which I think says a little about him. That he likes to watch the result of his actions play out .His attending the vigils supports this .

    I wonder if Amanda was told clues about her own escape . I wonder if he has just been waiting on news about them being found just like their family had been.

    I wonder if he had been waiting for the cops figure out it was him for years and never dreamed it would last this long. Why else would he do the things he did ,like abducted the girl seen last with his kid?

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    What door was even left unlocked? The front door was locked, she couldn't even get out. Neighbors had to break it.
    If he was leaving some internal door locked on purpose, why didn't he leave the front door unlocked?
    Just my opinion

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    News reports say that during questioning, he was unrepentant, even cocky. So I don't think he left the door open on purpose. If he did, that would indicate that he was feeling some type of remorse, and wanted to "make things right."

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    I wasnt under the impression he left any door unlocked, Amanda and Charley had to kick the door open so it appears to me that she just got help as she was too weak to do it herself. I don't think Mr Castro left anything open or unlocked.

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    I think he messed up. I bet those girls knew everything he did each time he left that house. Sounds that they could count before they knew he was really gone. I think they realized he finally screwed up and went for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjenny View Post
    What door was even left unlocked? The front door was locked, she couldn't even get out. Neighbors had to break it.
    If he was leaving some internal door locked on purpose, why didn't he leave the front door unlocked?
    The way I understand it, the front door to the home (wooden door), was left unlocked. The aluminum storm door was locked with a chain. The bottom panel of the storm door had to be kicked in so that Amanda and the child could crawl through it and escape.

    At first I thought leaving the 'big door,' as Amanda called it, unlocked was an oversight. I assumed that he left through the front door to make a quick trip to McDonald's for food. Now that we've learned that he only used the back door I have to wonder why the front door was unlocked. Had he used it recently for some reason and neglected to lock it back up, or was it intentional?

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    No, he didn't do leave it open on purpose. There were two anomalies that day. IIRC, someone brought a piece of mail over that they received that belonged to AC and he took the child to the park. I figure he was overwhelmed with input (not that he realized it) and forgot to lock the one door that made escape possible when he went to McD's. If he planned to leave the door open on purpose, why would he go to McD's for food? He's too arrogant to go down on someone elses terms.

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    Charles said he brought over the mail

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    I don't know enough details to be sure, but I have wondered about this. I'm not much for coincidence so the escape coinciding with Castro losing his job seems a little suspicious. If he was in danger of losing his house, what would he have done with the women? Kill them and probably get caught? Abandon them and let them die for the foreclosure people to find? Either way, he'd be charged with multiple murders. Or leave the women an 'out' and let the chips fall where they may. I've been thinking that because of his financial problems, he might have been put between a rock and a hard place, and he might have decided to go with the option that would get him in the least amount of trouble. Nothing noble here, just looking out for his own skin. I've read that a lot of serial killers 'mellow' with age and the compulsion to kill seems to fade, and this is 1 reason they are so hard to catch...they stop killing so investigations come to a dead end. Anyway, age 52 is a lot different than 42 and maybe his compulsion to hold women captive had dwindled? IDK, I'm not trying to make excuses, but his lack of income surely affected his ability to carry on such a horrible, double life?

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