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    PA - Alicia Kozakiewicz, abducted, held, tortured at 13 yrs old, and survived

    I, too, am an abduction survivor
    By Alicia Kozakiewicz, Special to CNN


    At age 13, I, too, became the helpless victim of a sexually depraved monster, a vicious Internet predator who actively groomed me. Luring me from my home, he abducted me to Virginia where I was held captive in his basement dungeon.

    For days, I was raped, beaten and tortured, and like an animal, chained to the floor by a locking dog collar. My abductor shared my degradation via streaming video, boasting online about the young girl he had taken to be his sex slave.

    It was this very brazenness that would lead to my rescue, as one recipient of the live broadcast, afraid of his own involvement in the crime, scoured the newspaper and found my National Center for Missing and Exploited Children missing person flier. Seeing that my family and the FBI were searching for me, he used a pay phone to contact authorities.


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    The Alicia Project

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AliciaProject
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    Alicia Kozakiewicz is 26 years old, but she said sometimes the child within her still hurts.

    In January 2002, at age 13, Kozakiewicz was abducted, held captive, tortured and raped by a man she had met online and thought was her friend. Though Kozakiewicz was a victim, many punished her, accusing her of participating in her own abduction and rape, she said...

    From being told to “just get over it” and to “move on” to being embarrassed to tell people she was abducted for “only” four days because “other kids have had it worse,” she ran through a gamut of emotions and now has turned her experience and pain into the Alicia Project so she can help other victims, their families and communities to learn that victims are just that — victims.

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